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Evdokiya A. Germanova

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She graduated from GITIS in1987(class ofO.Tabakov A.Leontjev), and inthe same year was invited tothe Moscow Tabakov Theatre. Her previous work included: Pardo (“The Hole“), Dezi (“Bilocksy-blues“), Elisabeth („Belief. Love. Hope”), Anna Andreevna („The Inspector”), Stepanida Efimovna (The ooperage, overstocked with Goods).

She took part inindependent projects: “The Title” (1992), “The Mystery” (1993), “Dead monkey” (1997), “Athenian Evenings” (1999).

Her film work consists of: “Niagara“ A.Vizir, “Minors“ V.Rogovoy, “Crazy“ S.Gazarov, “Staru-ha-rmsa“ V.Gemsa, “Scenes from family life “ A.Gordon, “New adventures ofYankee atthe court yard ofking Arthur“ V.Gresja, „Detectives” V.Krasnopolski and V.Uskov, „The Moslem” V.Hotinenko, „Sickle and Hammer” S.Livnev, „How tomurder ” O.Gojda, „Kix” S.Livnev.

She received Grand prix for the best female role infilm „Itisnot given toustoforesee” atthe Fifth All-Union festival ofyoung cinematographers (Moscow, 1986); Grand prix “Crystal globe“ for the best female role infilm „Kix” (Czechoslovakia, 1992); the main prize for the best female role infilm “Kix”
(Nizhni Novgorod, 1992); aprize ofjury for the best female role and the Prize ofaudience's sympathies for film “Niagara” (Kiev, 1991).

Oleg Tabakov about Evdokiya Germanova:
Nobody wanted totake Evdokiya inGITIS for along time, Itook her and believed inher. Ibelieved then and now Ibelieve. Her actor's nature and her character bring her many difficulties. Her way not full ofroses, her film-life now ismore interesting, than theatrical one, but she has great potential. She isdoomed for “torments ofcreativity“ bythe talent and her nerve nature. Inthese „torments” isher weakness, but inthem there isanopportunity ofunique result. And the main task for today isnevertheless toovercome her character. The doubt inher own perfection should not prevent Evdokiya from seeing perfection inpeople around her. Also itisnecessary tobesimpler with projects, and tobenot afraid offailure.
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