Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Mikhail M. Khomyakov

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Guest actors

Graduated from the Russian Academy ofTheatre Arts in1980(course ofO.Tabakov).

Associate Professor ofActing Department ofthe Moscow Art Theatre School.

Inthe Theatre Studio onthe Chaplygin street from the first days. Played invery first performances: And with the spring I'll come back toyou byA.Kazantsev (Tsvetayev), “Farewell, Mowgli!“ byR.Kipling (Shirhan), „Two arrows” byA.Volodin.

In1981-1985heworked atthe Moscow Theatre named after N.Gogol, in1985-1986 inthe Moscow Art Theatre, where heplayed Glumov inthe performance “Enough Stupidity inEvery Wise Man“ byA.Otsrovsky. Currently onthe stage ofthe Moscow Art Theatre heplays Trigorin inthe performance „The Seagull” byA.Chekhov.

InOctober 1986hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov.

Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov busy inperformances: “Biloxi Blues“ byN.Simon (Sgt. Merwin J.Toomey), “Fat Freddie Blues“ byF.J.Barry (Fat Freddy), “Two angels, four people“ byV.Shenderovich (Someone Strontsillov), “The Idiot“ byF.Dostoevsky (Totsky), „Art” byY.Reza (Serge), „Enough Stupidity inEvery Wise Man” byA.Ostrovsky (Mamaev) „The Passions ofBumbarash” byY.Kim (Baron).

Films with Mikhail:
„Classic” (1998)
“Another woman, another man” directed byK.Khudyakov (2003)
“Island without love” directed byK.Khudyakov (2003)
“Unmanaged drift” directed byG.Shengelaya (2004)
“Shadowboxing” directed byA.Sidorov (2005)
“Banker's girlfriend” directed byD.Chirkov (2007)
“Detective Putilin”