Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation,

Yuri I. Yeremin

One ofthe leading Russian directors and master teachers ofacting and directing, hehas directed anumerous productions that acclaimed highest national and international awards, including The Idiot and The Possessed byDostoevsky, The Old Man byGorky, The Inspector General byGogol, Madame Bovary byFlaubert and The Silver Age byRoschin. His award-winning production ofWard No.6 has toured all over Europe, the USA and Canada, and was part ofthe New York Theatre Festival. Mr.Yeremin has been directing and lecturing inEurope and the United States (where hedirected atthe A.R.T.and The Hartford Stage). Heisthe recipient ofhighest awards for artistic excellence including Russian and French decorations and the title ofPeoplesArtist ofRussia.