Distinguished Artsmaker of Russia

Yevgeny Kamenkovich

Yevgeny Kamenkovich was born into a†theatrical family on†November 9, 1954, in†Kiev. His†father Boris†Kamenkovich was a†director and a†choreographer; his mother Irina†Molostova was an†opera†director. He†graduated from†Vladimir†Andreev's workshop in†the acting department of†the State Institute for Theatre Arts†(GITIS) in†1976. However, he† immediately turned his†interest from†acting to†directing and in†1982†he†graduated from†Andrei Goncharov's workshop in†the†GITIS directing department.

A†year after graduation, Yevgeny Kamenkovich began teaching in†two workshops simultaneously. From†1983†to†1992†he†taught with Anatoly†Vasilyev, and from†1983†to†2001†he†taught as† a†member of†the team in†Pyotr Fomenko's GITIS workshop. He†was the†head of†an†acting course at†the†Moscow Art Theatre school from†2000†to†2004, and has taught in†Sergei Zhenovach's workshop at†GITIS since†2001.

He†began participating in†a†pedagogical experiment in†2007†when he†joined forces with†Dmitry Krymov at†GITIS, where the†two jointly head a†workshop that†educates future directors, designers and actors together in†a†single group.

He†was†awarded the†Konstantin Stanislavsky Prize for†pedagogy in†2010†and a†Moscow city prize in†the†field of†literature and art in†2013.

Kamenkovich has†midwifed numerous productions by†young directors working in†the†first and second graduate student studios at†the†Fomenko Workshop Theatre. They include “Ryzhy,” based on†the†poetry of†Boris Ryzhy (2010), “A†Russian on†a† Rendezvous,” based on†Ivan Turgenev's story “Spring Freshets”†(2011), “The Egyptian Stamp” after Osip Mandelstam's story†(2013), “Last Meetings,” based on†stories by†Ivan Bunin†(2013), and Alexander Pushkin's poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”†(2014).

The†Kamenkovich-Krymov†workshop at†GITIS has presented the†following graduation productions: “Pearly Zinaida” by†Mikhail Roshchin, “Flying” by†Olga Mukhina and “Evil-Tongued” after†Richard Sheridan's “The†School for Scandal”.

Kamenkovich has†worked on†ten or†more productions at† the†Fomenko Workshop Theatre. One production, “The Main Thing,” after†Mikhail Shishkin's novel “Maidenhair,” received the†Crystal Turandot award for†season's best prodution in†2007. In†2008†it†won the†Hit of†the†Season award. Actresses in†the†show won Golden†Mask awards.

Kamenkovich was nominated for the†post of†Artistic Director by†the†company of†the†Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theatre on†September 24, 2012, and on† September†27†he†was†appointed to†that†position by† the†Department of†Culture of†Moscow.

Productions at†the†Fomenko Workshop Theatre:
  • “The†Importance of†Being Earnest” by†Oscar Wilde (1994);
  • “Barbarians” by†Maxim Gorky†(1999);
  • “The†Moth” by†Pyotr Gladilin†(2005);
  • “Heartbreak†House” by†Bernard Shaw†(2005);
  • “The Main Thing” after Mikhail Shishkin's novel “Maidenhair”†(2006);
  • “Ulysses” after the novel by†James Joyce†(2008);
  • “Afterplay” after the play by†Brian Friel, and Anton Chekhov's “The Bear”†(2010);
  • “The†Gift” after the novel by†Vladimir Nabokov† (2012);
  • “Mountain Giants” by†Luigi Pirandello †(2014);
  • “A†Contemporary Idyll” by†Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin (2015).

Yevgeny Kamenkovich has worked with many different theaters. His list of†productions includes:
  • “Ivan-Tsarevich” by†Yu.†Mikhailov†(1981) based on† a†plot by†Alexander Ostrovsky and Russian folk tales; also “The Enchanted Dream” by†Yuly Kim†(1987) at†the†Mayakovsky Theatre;
  • “The†Eighteenth Camel” by†Samuil Alyoshin†(1983); “The†Fateful Error” by†Mikhail Roshchin†(1985); and “The†Early Years of†Louis†XIV” by†Alexandre Dumas†(1993) at†the Satire Theatre;
  • “A†Small Giant of†Big Sex” by†Fazil Iskander†(1987) at† the†Hermitage Theatre;
  • “Overstocked Packaging Barrells” after the†novel by†Vasily Aksyonov†(1989), “The†Teacher of†Russian” by†Alexander Buravsky†(1990), “Art” by†Yasmina Reza†(1997), “Love as† Militarism” by†Pyotr Gladilin†(1998), “Love Letters” by† A.†R.†Guerney†(2000) at†the†Tabakov Theatre;
  • Zinovy Visokovsky's†one-man show, “The†Fifth Corner of† the†World”†(1985) and “Sleuth” (as†“A†Corpse on†a†Tennis Court”) by†Anthony Shaffer†(2001) at†the†Estrada Theatre;
  • “YoU” by†Olga Mukhina†(2001) and “Harvey” (as†“White Rabbit”) by†Mary Chase at†the†Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre;
  • “Last Summer in†Chulimsk” by†Alexander Vampilov, “Children of† the†Sun” by†Maxim Gorky, and “Europe-Asia” by†the Presnyakov brothers at†the†Moscow Art Theatre School;
  • “Marienbad” after the†novel by†Sholom Aleichem at†Sergei Zhenovach's Studio of†Theatrical Art†(2005);
  • “The Gentleman” by†Alexander Sumbatov-Yuzhin†(2010) and “Gorbunov and Gorchakov” by†Joseph Brodsky†(2011) at†the Sovremennik Theatre; “Pagans” by†Anna Yablonskaya†(2012) at†the†Yermolova Theatre.

Kamenkovich also directs and teaches abroad. Some of†that†work is†reflected in†the†following productions:
  • “The†Forest”†(1992) by†Alexander Ostrovsky at† the†Guildhall School of†Music and Drama in†London;
  • “Family Affair”†(1995) based on†Alexander Ostrovsky's play “It's a†Family Affair”;
  • “We'll Settle it†Ourselves” at†Manchester Metropolitan University;
  • “Body Shop”†(1991) after Alexander Buravsky's play “The†Lefty Master” at†the†California Repertory Company;
  • “Fruits of†Enlightenment”†(2000) by†Leo Tolstoy at† the†American Studio of†the†Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

Kamenkovich has†staged numerous productions with students at† the†Russian Academy of†Theatre Arts (formerly GITIS):
  • “Twelfth Night” by†Shakespeare†(1990);
  • “School for Fools” after the†novel by†Sasha Sokolov (1995);
  • “You” (1997) and “Flying” (2007) by†Olga Mukhina;
  • “Arcadia” by†Tom Stoppard (1999).

Radio Productions:
  • “Phoenix” by†Marina Tsvetaeva on†Radio Kul'tura;
  • “The†Marriage” by†Nikolai Gogol on†Radio Kul'tura;
  • “Flying” by†Olga Mukhina on†Radio Kul'tura.

  • “Casus improvisus” after Alexander Buravsky's play “The†Teacher of†Russian”, co-directed with Alla Surikova for Mosfilm Studios†(1991);
  • “Afterplay” by†Brian Friel for the Kul'tura television channel†(2010).