>November 18,
Spanish Theatre. First Time inRussian. Directors
>November 9,
Alexey Devotchenko. InMemoriam.

Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre isdedicating the performance of“Zoya's Apartment” onNovember 10 tothe memory ofAlexey Devotchenko who used toperform arole ofObolyaninov inthis production.
>November 5,
RIP: Alexey Devotchenko (1965-2014)

Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre isshocked and dismayed atthe tragic death ofAlexey Devotchenko. Wewould like toextend our deepest condolences toAlexey's family, toall the admirers ofthis true Artist and his great talent. Alexey was acompany member ofthe Moscow Art Theatre in2012-2013. Hewas featured inour productions ofZoya's Apartmentand Krechinksy's Wedding. His one-man production, ThePetersburg Diary ofaProvincial Man,was part ofour repertoire atthe New Stage.