>††December 23,
Best productions of†2015†according to†Theatre Critics Association
Our productions of†The Jeweller's Juibilee and The Musketeers. A†Saga. Part One†have been charted among Ten Best Productions of†2015, according to†the Theatre Critics Association.
>††December 23,
2015†Government Awards for Culture
On December 17 the Prime Minister of†Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed an†order awarding 2015 Government Prize for Culture. Two out of†79†awards were granted to†our colleagues, stage director Marina Brusnikina and set designer Nikolai Simonov, for the production of†Lada, or†Joy†at†the Russian Youth Theatre.

>††December 22,
February subscription is†on†sale
Dear Patrons,

February†2016†subscriptions are now on†sale at†the box-office. The offer includes various price ranges ófrom the front row of†the 2nd balcony to†the 5th row of†the parterre. We†offer the following subscriptions:

Russian Classics.The Gentry Nest†on†February 4,†The Last Sacrifice†on†February 16,†The Cherry Orchard†on†February 24.†Prices:†2,250†to†6,000₽.

Russian Classics-2.Kreitzer Sonata†on†February 3,†The Precipice†on†February 6,†The Marriage†on†February 12.†Prices:†1,950†to†5,500₽.

Classics of†1920s-1930s.Zoya's Apartment†on†February 8, Master and Margarita on†February 17, †The Event on†February 19.†Prices: 2,450†to†7,500₽.

Excentric World of†Theatre. He Is†in†Argentina†on†February 7,†Dressing Room†on†February 16,A Fairy-Tale of†What We†Can and What We†Can Not on†February 28.†Prices:†2,200₽.

For more information and to†order subscriptions please call +7†(495) 629-65-95.

Subscription advantages:
1. Best seats within the price category.
2. Gift Wrapping
3. Your seats are always guaranteed.
4. Added convenience (book before tickets go†on†sale and your tickets will be†available for later purchase).

Treat your friends or†yourself to†the Moscow Art Subscription!
>††December 10,
Oleg Tabakov is†Full Cavalier of†the Order for†Services to†the Fatherland
State decorations were presented today as†part of†the ceremony at†the Catherine Hall of†the Kremlin. Our Artistic Director, Oleg Tabakov, was among the recipients. President of†Russia Vladimir Putin has awarded him the Order for Services to†the Fatherland. We†wholeheartedly congratulate Mr.†Tabakov, who is†now among 31†Full Cavaliers of†this Order.
>††December 2,
Order of†Friendship awarded to†Irina Miroshnichenko
Actress of†the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, People's Artist of†Russia Irina Miroshnichenko has been awarded the Order of†Friendship. †This award, according to†Presidential Executive Order of†December 1, 2015, is†presented in†recognition of†her contribution to†Russian arts and culture and her enduring and fruitful career.†We†send our warmest greetings to†Ms.†Miroshnichenko on†this glorious occasion.