Jana V. Sekste

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In 2002she graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School, the course ofO.Tabakov and M.Lobanov, which enrolled 12students from Riga.

Atthe Riga Russian Drama Theatre played: Daisy (“Biloxi Blues“ byN.Simon), Masha (“The Seagull“ byA.Chekhov), Dunyasha (“The Cherry Orchard” byA.Chekhov), Stella („Magnificent Cuckold” byF.Krommelink), Moth („Love's Labour's Lost ” byW.Shakespeare). Inasurvey ofvisitors she become the best young actress Riga Theatre season 2003/2004.

In2005, joined the troupe ofthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov.

In2007, became alaureate ofthe “Triumph”, rewarding for young workers ofculture and art. Three times winner ofPrize from the Charitable Foundation named after Oleg Tabakov (1997, 2006and 2008.). In2008, became the winner ofPrize from the Charitable Foundation named after Oleg Tabakov for her role ofMaryutka inthe performance ofthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre “The forty-first. Opus posth“ byB.Lavrenev. Engaged inthe performance ofthe Moscow Art Theatre “The Old-world Landowners” byN.Gogol.

She starred inthe television series „Service Confidence” (2007).

InTabakov Theatre isbusy inthe performance “The story ofthe seven who were hanged“ byL.Andreev (Musya), “The story ofahappy Moscow“ byA.Platonov (Girl), “The Adventures“, based onthe poem “Dead Souls“ byN.Gogol, “Biloxi Blues” byN.Simon (Daisy), „Fat Freddie Blues” byF.Barry (Jenny), „The Trial” byF.Kafka (Washer Woman, Hunchbacked Woman, Leni), „Fathers and Sons” byI.Turgenev (Fenechka), „The Elder Son” byA.Vampilov (Nina).
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