Yuri Vasilkov

Graduate ofVaganova School inLeningrad (now Vaganova Academy ofRussian Ballet, class of1968), hewas invited tojoin the company ofMikhailovsky Theatre, where hesoon became the soloist and was featured inthe leading parts inclassical and modern repertoire.

Hebegan teaching atthe Vaganova Academy in1981, and since 1991has been teaching dance and movement atSt.Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy collaborating with master teachers Veniamin Filshtinsky, Lev Dodin, and Yuri Krasovsky. In1993has became arepetiteur atthe Maly Drama TheatreTheatre ofEurope.

Mr.Vasilkov has been staging choreography and movement for theatre and opera productions inRussia and Europe, most notably atthe Maly Drama, the Bolshoi Drama, Atheneum Theatre inWarsaw, Dailes Theatre inRiga, Dutch National Opera, Teatro Comunale inFlorence, Paris National Opera and Théâtre duChâtelet inParis, collaborating with such directors asLev Dodin, Veniamin Filshtinsky, Andrzej Bubień and Mikhail Gruzdov.

His credits include more that 100productions such asGaudeamus, Claustrophobia, APlay Without aTitle, LovesLaborsLost, The Queen ofSpades, Salome, Demon and Othello directed byLev Dodin; Daniel Stein, the Interpreter, Little Judas, OnFoot and August. Osage County directed byAndrzej Bubień; Marriage and Venetian Woman directed byMikhail Gruzdov; Romeo and Juliet directed byVeniamin Filshtinsky; The WintersTale directed byDeclan Donnellan.

In2001hereceived Latvian national award Spēlmaņunakts.

Yuri Vasilkov's literary work has been published inthe Aurora Magazine aswell asinGreat Britain and inAustralia. Hehas co-authored a book with Veniamin Filshtinsky, and isthe author ofballet libretti, including Quietly Flows the Don, Faust and The Moon Princess.