Vasily Yushchenko

In 2002hegraduated from the course ofAnatoly Vasiliev inRussian Academy ofTheatre with adegree indirecting ofdrama. Hestarted working inthe Theatre “School ofDramatic Art”(class ofexpressive plastic byGennady Abramov) in1991.
Participates inperformances directed byA.Vassiliev: “Pushkin's matinee“, “The Iliad. Canto XXIII.The Burial ofPatroclus. Games“, “Mozart and Salieri“. Aschoreographer heworked onthe show „From travel ofOnegin”.
Teacher ofmotion inthe Theatre „School ofDramatic Art”.
Worked with Sasha Waltz (Germany) inthe project „Onthe ground” (1998-2002). Participated inthe International Festival “ART Camp“ (Hakusha, Yamonashi, Japan), “Forest Project“ (Tokyo). Toured with the group ofMin Tanaka „TOKASON” („Born inthe family”). Participated ininternational festivals inHamburg, Avignon, Amsterdam, Paris, Porto, Berlin, Stockholm, Basel, Marseille.