Distinguished Artsmaker of Russia

Vladimir S. Petrov

He has ended the Kiev State Institute ofTheatrical Art in1972actor's faculty (course ofL.Olejnikov), and in1979 director's faculty (course ofV.Sudin). Worked asthe actor and director atthe Kharkov Theatre named after T.Shevchenko and the Riga Theatre ofRussian Drama. Was the main director inSevastopol (Theatre ofaname ofA.V.Lunacharsky), Kiev (Academic Theatre named after L.Ukrainka), Omsk (Academic Drama Theatre). Hehas played Karenin (“The Living Corpse“), Glumov (“Enough Stupidity inEvery Wise Man“), Prince Serpukhovsky (“Story ofaHorse”), Trigorin („The Seagull”), Mackie the Knife („Threepennies Opera”), Vershinin ("Three sisters'). Hehas staged over 50performances, among which: “All's Well That Ends Well“ byW.Shakespeare, “Zhenya, Zhenechka and Katyusha“ byB.Okudzhava, “WeConduct anExperiment“ byA.Chernyh and M.Zaharov, “Heart ofaDog“ byM.Bulgakov, “M.Frejn's Theatre“, “Subsistence Economy inShambhala” byA.Shipenko, „The Woman inthe Dunes” byKobo Abe, „Academy ofLaugh” byK.Mitani, „Dawn Ceremonies” byK.Fuentes, „The Living Corpse” byL.Tolstoy. The winner ofthe award „Gold Mask” (1997).