Distinguished Artist of Russia

Pavel Vashchilin

He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1999(course ofO.Efremov), and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Played insuch performances as: “Little Tragedies“ (Jew), “Woe from Wit“, “Juliet and her Romeo“ (Balthasar, George), “Women's kingdom“ (Misha), “The Venetian antiquary“ (Giacinto), “Forest Song“ (Kutz), “Eternity and One More Day“ (Pasha), “The Beautiful life (La belle vie)“ (Second assistant ofthe Committee's Chairman), “The violin and alittle bit nervously“ (Guest), “Professor ofliterature“ (Pavlusha), “Sanctimonious persons' Kabala“ (Prompter), “The light taste oftreason“ (Author), “The sun was shining“ (Sasha), “Tutish“.

Playing inperformances: “The White Guards“ directed byS.Zhenovach (Telephonist and first officer), “White onthe black” directed byM.Brusnikina, „The white rabbit (Harvey)” directed byE.Kamenkovich (Lofgren), „Kizhe” directed byK.Serebrennikov (Auditor, Kant), „The humpbacked little horse” directed byE.Pisarev (Sun, Shop assistant, Countrymen, Fish), „The Siege” directed byE.Grishkovets (Young man), „The Last Victim” directed byY.Eremin (Sergei), „Flying-pass goose” directed byM.Brusnikina, „Plump woman” directed byE.Tovstonogov (Mr.Hubert deBreville), „Swift current river” (Vanya Korneev, Pavel) and „Sonechka” directed byM.Brusnikina, „Tartuffe” directed byN.Chusova (Damis), „Ondine” directed byN.Skorik (Chevalier Bertram).

Acted inthe television project „Chekhov and Co” directed byD.Brusnikin, aswell asinfilms: „The Fifth Corner” directed byS.Gazarov, „Poisons orthe World History ofPoisoning” directed byK.Shakhnazarov, „Photo” directed byA.Galin.