Zemfira Ramazanova

Rock singer, musician, composer, songwriter, producer. Since 1999 Zemfira has released six studio and three live albums (as well as a collection of B-sides), which have received considerable attention from the press and the public: “Zemfira” (1999), “Forgive Me My Love” (2000), “14 Weeks of Silence” (2002), “Vendetta” (2005), “Zemfira. Live” (2006), “Thank You” (2007), collection of B-sides “Z-Sides” (2010), “Zemfira. Live2” (2010), “To Live in Your Head” (2013), “A small man. Live” (2016).
In 1999, after the release of her debut album, “Ogonyok” magazine called Zemfira “the rupture voice of the generation”. Her songs repeatedly topped the music charts, and her work in general had a great influence on the Russian rock music of the 2000s.
Zemfira was the producer of the musical film “The Green Theater in Zemfira” (directed by Renata Litvinova, 2008), co-producer and composer of the film “The Last Fairy Tale of Rita” (directed by Renata Litvinova, 2012). She also wrote the music for the film “Goddess: How I Fell In Love” by Renata Litvinova. Her songs are sounded in the films of Kira Muratova “Melody for a Street-organ” and “Eternal Redemption”.
In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Zemfira was included in the rating of “One Hundred most influential women in Russia”, compiled by the radio station “Echo of Moscow”, the news agencies RIA Novosti, Interfax and “Ogonyok” magazine.
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