People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation

David L. Borovsky

Set Designers

Costume Designers

Lighting Designers


In the years 1947-1950†has studied at†the Kiev Art School. With 15†years he†worked in†professional theatres in†Kiev.

In†1956†he†made his debut as†artistic director in†Kiev Russian Drama Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka (“Lies with long legs” by†Eduardo De†Filippo). For many years collaborated with the director Leonid Varpahovsky, a†pupil of†Vsevolod Meyerhold. In†1965†in†Kiev staged his first performance on†the operatic stage†ó “Katerina Izmailova” by†D.†Shostakovich.

In†1967†he†began working with Yuri Lyubimov. In†1973†he†became a†chief designer of†the Moscow Taganka Theatre, where he†worked for 30†years and raised more than 20†productions, including “Exchange“ and “House on†the Embankment“ by†Yuri Trifonov, „Alive” by†B.†Mozhayev, „Mother” by†M.†Gorky, ęThe Dawns Here Are Quiet ÖĽ B.†Vasiliev, “Hamlet“ by†W.†Shakespeare, “Vladimir Vysotsky”, „Sharashka” by†A.†Solzhenitsyn. He†worked with directors: G.†Tovstonogov, A.†Efros, A.†Efremov, L.†Dodin and others.

On†the drama and opera houses from Russia, Italy, Germany, Hungary, France, Finland and the United States has put about 150†performances. Repeatedly was a†member of†the Prague Quadrennial (Gold Medal in†1971†and the Grand Prix in†1975), State Prize of†Russia (1998), the National Award “Triumph” (1994), laureate of†numerous domestic and foreign prizes.

2002†ó The art director of†the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.