>  December 26,
Evgenia Dobrovolskaya is celebrating her anniversary

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, People’s Artist of Russia and Moscow Art principal company member, is celebrating her anniversary starring in the recent production of The Village of Fools on December 29th.
Evgenia has joined the MXAT company upon graduating from GITIS (class of Lyudmila Kasatkina and Sergey Kolosov) in 1987. In 1989 she has moved on to the Tabakov Studio Theatre, and a year later became part of the Sovremennik 2 acting ensemble.
In 1991 Ms.  Doborovolskaya has retuned to MXAT, where her acting credits included Double (The Last Night Of Otto Weininger), Milena (Women’s Play), Agnes (The School for Wives), Isabelle (The School of Husbands), Lida (Misha’s Birthday Party), Marina Mnishek (Boris Godunov), Svetlova (Love in Crimea), Katya (The Vilaness, or Cry of the Dolphin), Regina Agnstren (The Ghosts), The Sister (You), Sister Joanna (The Beast of Piedmont), Nanny Wayland (The Sacred Fire), Diana (A Little Bit Of Tenderness), Elena Krivtsova (Petty Bourgeois). She was also featured in The Seagull, where, at different times, she has played Nina Zarechnaya, Masha, and Mme. Arkadina. Her other credits include Armanda Bejuar (The Cabal of Hypocrites), Jill (Equus), Sophia (Woe of Wit), Constanze Weber (Amadeus).
«Dobrovolskaya combines vital power with irony; even though she looks like a tender ingénue, she possesses the complete grasp of her characters, with all their involuntary aggression», says Dr. Inna Solovyova, theatre critic and historian.
Her current repertoire includes appearances in The Makeup Room (Actress S), The Forest (Ulita), The Golovlyov Family (Anninka), The Marriage (Fyokla Ivanovna), The Chrestomathy (Ada), Cloture de l'amour (Limit of Love), Witness of the Prosecution (Attorney Mayers), The Village of Fools (Lyubka), Louisiana (Marinina).
Evgenia is also the recipient of all major national film awards, including Nika, The Golden Ram, The Golden Eagle and many others.