Maxim Gorky


A drama

Opening night: June 20, 2017
Running time: 1 h
Ticket price range: 1000 rub.
This production was created aspart oftheGorky. ProseDirecting Lab and isdedicated tothe 150th anniversary ofMaxim Gorky.

Piece ofland surrounded bywater. Three men and one woman. Everything ispossible, since God isgone. This isthe story ofdisharmonious nature ofman against the background ofaharmonious nature. “Wind was affectionately stroking satin chest ofthe sea, the sun was warming her upwith the hot rays, and the sea was sighing asifhalf-asleep, under the gentle force ofthese caresses, saturating the hot air with salty vapors. Greenish waves crushing against yellow sand were dumping the white foam onit, and the foam was thawing with aquiet sound onahot sand, moisturizing it.“ Paradoxically, those paradise places become the backdrop tothe scenes ofhuman destinies demolishing. All human relationships are being destroyed: between aman and awoman, between father and son, and between friends. Malva, the leading character ofthe story, isafatal beauty who has lost interest ineverything. „Ialways want something. And Idon't know what itis. There are times when Ifeel like jumping onabark and sailing onwards! Far away! Just tonever see the humans again. And atother times Ifeel like taking each and every man around mefor aspin. Iwould keep looking athim and laughing.” While imitating life, she istrying toprotect herself from it. Everything isdisappearing inadue time. Atthe time the vitality isleaving this world, the nature isespecially beautiful.
Directed by
Danil Chaschin
Play by
Yuliya Pospelova
Set Designer
Dmitry Gorbas
Video Designer
Aleksey Ermolaev
Lighting Designer
Maria Belozertseva
Natalia Shurganova
Stage Manager
Olga Lipskaya