Distinguished Artist of Russia

Nikolai L. Skorik

He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1976(Oleg Efremovscourse) and immediately began working inthe Moscow Art Theatre asaintern-director. Since 1987 asthe stage director hehas staged about ten performances. In1990heput onabright and spectacular performance Undine based onthe play byJean Giraudoux, becoming apopular matinee inMoscow Art Theatre and tosome extent replacing the legendary Blue bird.
Nikolai Skorik cooperated for along time with Oleg Efremov and helped him asadirector and amusical solutions consultant inthe production ofanumber ofperformances. After the death ofEfremov Skorik saw his last idea, the play Cyrano deBergerac tothe end. In2001healso restored The Seagull put onbyOleg Efremov's onthe stage inthe Moscow Art Theatre.
Nikolai Skorik received the title ofthe Honored Artist ofthe Russian Federation in1998and was awarded the prize ofMoscow in1999.
Nikolai Skorik isone ofthe leading teachers ofthe Moscow State Institute ofCulture, the artistic director ofthe N.L. SkoriksWorkshop.