Nikolai Simonov

Graduated from the scenery art faculty of†the M.†B.†Grekov Art School in†Rostov-on-Don in†1985. In†1987†started working at†the Theatre of†the Young Spectator in†Vologda. In†1989†he†moved to†the Krasnodar Drama Theatre, and in†1990†ó to†the Rostov Academic Youth Theatre, where he†worked as†chief designer for 12†years.

Has frequently worked with theatre and film director Kirill Serebrennikov since 1995. Nikolai Simonov was production designer of†Serebrennikov's series Rostov-Daddy and set designer of†his Moscow theatre productions Plasticine and C.†E.†O.† at†the Playwright and Director Centre, Some Explicit Polaroids at†the Pushkin Theatre, Sweet Bird of†Youth, The Naked Pioneer, Antony and Cleopatra. A†Version at†the Sovremennik Theatre, The Demon at†the 814†Theatrical Association, Terrorism, The Petty Bourgeoisie, Playing the Victim, The Forest, The Golovlyov Family and The Pillowman at†the Moscow Art Theatre, Joan of†Arc at†the Stake (Jeanne d'Arc au†bûcher) at†the Moscow International House of†Music, within the framework of†the Vladimir Spivakov Invites festival, Falstaff at†the Mariinsky (Kirov) theatre, The Return of†Persephone at†the Moscow International House of†Music, within the framework of†the Cherry Forest festival, Figaro. Events of†One Day fopr†the Yevgeny Mironov theatre company.

He†also worked on†productions by†Yury Butusov (Resurrection. Super, Oleg Tabakov Theatre), Nikolai Skorik (The Last Day of†Summer, Moscow Art Theatre), Yevgeny Pisarev (Leading Ladies, Moscow Art Theatre).

Among his notable prizes are the Triumph (2002), Crystal Turandot (2005) and Chaika (2005) awards.
Perfomances in our theatre
, designer
19.14, Set Designer
Leading Ladies, Set Designer
The Double Bass, Set Designer
The Forest, Set designer
The Man of†Fish, Set Design
The Pillowman, Set designer
The Scales, Set Design by