Opening night: October 4, 2014
Running time: 1 h 40 m
Ticket price range: 30005800 rub.
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Alexander Molochnikov, author ofthe production:

Why isitthat each year wecan see alot ofnew works onWorld War IIand almost none onWorld War I? What doIknow about the World War I, except that ithas started with the assassination ofArchduke Franz Ferdinand, and itwas the first time that toxic gas attack took place. What isthe Great trench warfare, that weonly know ofthanks toOn the Western FrontbyRemarque? Perhaps these questions drew myattention tosuch grand episode inthe 20th century history equally important and unduly outcast.

While reading the pre-war diaries and letters ofthe citizens ofboth hostile parties Ihave noticed something else. Both sides were overwhelmed bythe euphoria ofengaging inwar, they were completely taken bythe desire tofight. The war tothem seemed like anexciting adventure that won't last very long, and would bethe perfect chance toshow their heroism, aswell asanopportunity tofight their own complexes and tocanalize their mutual grievances. Today, looking back onthe events ofahundred years ago, itisscary toimagine how quickly the young crowd coming from major European cities has parted with those illusions upon discovering themselves trapped for four years inthe war trenches, full ofdirt, death and madness. Wesomehow keep forgetting that there isnothing worse than war, and inthe eternal quest toromanticize itover and again wekeep falling into the same trap.

Our production isfollowing the story ofseveral French and German soldiers. They gofrom the utopian fantasies and fanatical patriotism, through mutual hatred and the inevitable destruction ofeach other tocomplete devastation, onto the loss ofmoral any limitations and self-destruction.

Weare not attempting tocreate adidactic historical panorama, oralecture about human cruelty. Our story will bepresented inaform ofcabaret with aMaster ofCeremonies center stage. His one and only goal istoentertain the audience with songs and cheerful stories. Atleast uptothe point

Set Designer
Nikolai Simonov
Costume Designer
Maria Danilova
Lighting Designer
Igor Kapustin
Dialogs by
Alexander Arkhipov, Vsevolod Benigsen
Composer and Music Director
Roman Berchenko
Irina Kashuba
Assistant Designer
Elena Zykova
ass. director
Tatyana Pavlova, Olga Lipskaya, Olga Khenkina
Stage Manager
Olga Roslyakova
Based on the idea of
Olga Tararina
Artistic Supervisor
Evgeny Pisarev