|Ophelia IsAfraid ofWater|

A tragicomedy

Opening night: November 10, 2018
Running time: 2 h, with one intermission
Ticket price range: 12002500 rub.
Director Marina Brusnikina inrecent years has been working exclusively with modern authors itisimportant for her tohear the voice ofthe new generation, topresent tothe public their attentive look atour reality. Her new production isbased onthe play byYulia Tupikina, one ofthe most sought-after young playwrights today.

Marina Brusnikina: This story isatragicomedy about Shakespearean passions boiling inone modern family. About the eternal striving ofaman for something sublime and beautiful, for true love and happiness, for the heights ofrelationships, for passions and dramas set byShakespeare.
Music Director
Alena Khovanskaya
Stage Manager
Olga Lipskaya