Distinguished Artist of Russia

Oleg Topolyanskiy

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He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofA.Pokrovsky) in1995and was admitted tothe troupe. Hemade his debut inthe role ofthe Jew (“Little Tragedies”).

In1998-1999. worked inthe Moscow Theatre managed byA.Dzhigarkhanyan, where heplayed inperformances “The Government Inspector“ (Mayor) and „Homecoming” (Joe).

Since 2001 anactor ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.
Played insuch performances as: “The Beautiful life (La belle vie)“ (Chairman ofthe Revolution Committee), “The Seagull“ (Medvedenko), “Zero“ (Dumd brother Bogush), “The sun was shining“ (Famusov), “The White Guards“ (Von Dust).

Playing inthe performances: “Hamlet“ (Rosencrantz), “The Golovlevs“ (Steward, Father, Doctor, Kukishev), “The Pickwick Club” (Mr.Tracy Tupman), „King Lear” (Nurse (Fool)), „The Wood” (Vosmibratov), „The New American” (Huriev), „Flying-pass goose”, „Swift current river” (Klucharev, Neighbour), „Ondine” (King).

Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov staged „Under the blue sky” (2006); inthe Moscow Art Theatre staged “Dance ofanAlbatros” (2007).

Acted insuch films as: “The case ofDr.Lekrinym” (2004), “The Dove” (2007), “Two inthe rain” (2007), aswell asthe TVseries “The Team” (2003), “Nine Unknown” (2005), “Ishall return” (2007), “Law and Order” (2007).

Since 1995teaches acting technique atthe Moscow Art Theatre School and the American studio.
Perfomances in our theatre
, actor
, actor
Space, actor
The Forest, Vosmibratov
The House, Fifth friend
The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Alexandrovich Berlioz
The Overcoat, Grigory Petrovich