Distinguished Artsmaker of Russia, Distinguished Artist of Russia

Vasily M. Nemirovich-Danchenko

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Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in1964. In1966was admitted tothe concertmaster ofthe Moscow Art Theatre and later served aschief conductor. Today isthe head ofthe musical part. The author ofmusic for performances ofthe Moscow Art Theatre: “Eldorado“, “Barbarians“, “The Cherry Orchard“, “Ivanov“, “Last Days“ and many others. Musical arrangement ofperformances: “Copper grandmother”, „Summerfolk”, „The Moscow Choir”, „Woe from Wit”, „Love inthe Crimea”. One ofthe authors and the leading man inthe documentary performance „Seven lifes ofNemirovich-Danchenko” directed byR.Sirota and E.Kemarskaya.