Distinguished Artist of Russia

Natalia S. Kochetova

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She graduated from Drama School named after M.Schepkin (course ofL.Volkov) in1969.

Worked inthe Tula Regional Theatre ofDrama, where she was employed inperformances: “Five Evenings“ (Tamara), “Enemies“ (Tatyana), inthe Tambov Drama Theatre: “Children ofthe Sun” (Lisa), „AProfitable Post” (Pauline) and „Poor Bride” (Masha), inthe Kazan Drama Theater “Barbarians” (Monakhova).

Since 1976hehas worked atMoscow Taganka Theatre. She played Tanya ( “Exchange“ byYuri Trifonov), Mother ( „Fallen and the Living” byD.Samoilov).
From 1981to2000she was inthe company ofthe Central Academic Theatre ofRussia Army. Among her roles: Zinida ( “The one who receives slaps inthe face“ byL.Andreev), Carol ( “Orpheus Descending“ byT.Williams), Lady Macduff ("Macbeth"by W.Shakespeare), Alice (“Person for any time“ byR.Bolt), Prudans ( “The Lady ofthe Camellias“ byA.Dumas). She played Cassandra inthe performance “Oresteia“ byP.Stein and Winnie inthe performance “Happy Days” byS.Beckett inthe Moscow Modern Theatre.

Playing inaone-actor performance, which created incollaboration with the poet Marina Kudimova: „Perfect joy” and"We'll gowith you onthe „A” and „B”.
Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov played the role ofFrau Zumpe inthe performance „Synchron” byT.Hyurliman (2003).

In2003, joined the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre, where she played inperformances: “Crime and Punishment“ (Pulkheriya Alexandrovna Raskolnikova) byF.Dostoevsky, “The violin and alittle bit nervously“ (Mother) byS.Savina.
Playing Madame Pernelle inthe performance “Tartuffe”, and Pierre inthe performance „Alittle bit oftenderness”.

Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov plays therole ofGlumova inthe performance „Enough Stupidity inEvery Wise Man” byA.Ostrovsky.
Perfomances in our theatre
The Miraculous Journey ofEdward Tulane, Pelegrina and Doll Conservator Lucius Clarke