Distinguished Artist of Russia

Stanislav M. Duzhnikov

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Guest actors

He graduated from the Theatre School named after B.Shchukin in1998(course ofE.Knyazev).

Worked atthe Moscow Theatre named after N.Gogol. Heplayed insuch performances as: “Could reach the Milan“ (Lawyer Zelko), „Mycrime” (Soap manufacturer) both directed byS.Yashin, “Ugly Elza“ (Agronomist) directed byB.Golubovsky, “Dreyfus” (Pogrom-maker), „Petersburg” (Litukhin) both directed byS.Golomazov.

Played roles invarious entreprise: “Humans and mouses” (Lenny) project “Factory oftheatrical events“, director M.Goreva, „Woyzeck” (Captain) Center ofDrama and Directing managed byA.Kazantsev and M.Roshchin, director A.Nazarov, “Adrienne, orBravo, Mademoiselle Lecouvreur!” (Abbot) project ofthe producing center “Omitra“, director S.Golomazov, “Rubber Prince” (several roles), „The Bear” (Smirnov, the performance was inEnglish) both directed byN.Chusova.

From 2001to2009. Inthe troupe ofthe Moscow Theatre managed byA.Dzhigarkhanyan. Hewas busy inperformances: “Theatre-killer” (Bedbut) directed byS.Golomazov, “Powder keg” (Gele) directed byK.Azarian, “She inthe absence oflove and death” (Doctor) directed byY.Ioffe, “Three Sisters” (Prozorov) directed byV.Yachmenev, Y.Klepikov, “Don Juan, orThe Stone Guest” (Don Giovanni) directed byB.Yachmenev.

In2009hemade his debut onthe stage ofChekhov Moscow Art Theatre inthe role ofJoe inthe performance “The Pickwick Club“ directed byE.Pisarev. Inthe same year was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Heacted infilms and television movies: “The Aristocratic Peasant Girl“ directed byA.Sakharov, “Bad rotter, good rotter“ directed byA.Khvan, “Demobbed“ (Bomb) directed byR.Kachanov, “Request Stop“ (physical education instructor) directed byD.Faiziev, “Kamenskaya“ (Misha Dotsenko) directed byY.Moroz, “The Theory ofHard Drinking“ (“Tractor Driver“) directed byN.Pogonischewa, „The French Guy” (Tolik) directed byV.Storozheva, „Turkish Gambit” (the barman Simon) directed byD.Faiziyev, „Multiplying sorrow” directed byO.Fisenko, „Cherub” directed byM.Geiko, „Persona Non Grata” (Elephant) directed byV.Nakhabtsev, „Girls” directed byM.Levitin, „Fraudsters” (Vasya) directed byV.Moskalenko, „May” directed byI.Rubinstein, M.Rafikov, Paragraph 78 (Lyuba) directed byM.Khleborodov, etc.
Perfomances in our theatre
The Helpline, Sergey Sergeevich
The House, Savyolov