Kristina Babushkina

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Graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofO.Tabakov) in2002and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

She played insuch performances as: “Amadeus“ byP.Sheffer (Ventichelli), “Eternity and one day“ byM.Pavich (Lady Brankovic), “The one who receives slaps inthe face“ byL.Andreev (Zinida), “Oblomov“ byI.Goncharov (Girl), “The Terrorism“ byPresnyakov Brothers, “Professor ofliterature“ byV.Semenovsky (Dariya), “The light taste oftreason” byV.Iskhakov (Ludmila), „Swift current river” byV.Makanin (Alya and doctor). Currently onthe stage ofthe Moscow Art Theatre she plays inperformances: „The Petty Bourgeoises” byM.Gorky (Tatiana), „White onblack” byR.Gallego, „Flying-pass goose” byB.Astafiev.

For the role ofVasilisa inthe performance directed byAdolf Shapiro's „The Lower Depths ” ofthe Moscow Theatre manage byO.Tabakov she was awarded the prize „Moscow debuts ”(2001). For the role ofTatiana inthe performance directed byKirill Serebrennikov “The Petty Bourgeoises“ she was awarded the prize ofthe newspaper „Moskovsky Komsomolets” (2004).

Acted insuch films as: “The Star” directed byLebedev (2002), “The Teacher inthe Law” directed byA.Mokhov (2007), “The battle oflocal significance” directed byA.Kozlov (2008), “Best Film” directed byO.Fomin (2009) and others.

Inthe Moscow Theatre manage byO.Tabakov busy inthe performance “Doll for the bride” directed byA.Korovkin.
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