Distinguished Artist of Russia

Alexander Semchev

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Guest actors

He graduated from the Theatre School named after B.Shchukin (course ofV.Nikolaenko) in1997and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Hemade his debut inthe performance “The Marriage“(Omelet).
Played insuch performances as: “Tartuffe“ (Orgon), “Toybele and her demon“ (Rebbe), “Midsummer Night's Dream“ (Pigva), “Amadeus“ (Cook), “Maximilian Stolpnik“ (Faperny), “The most important“ (Comic actor), “Lesson for wives“ (Krizald), “Forest Song“ (Uncle Leo), “Ondine” (King), „The Marriage” (Omelet), „Hamlet inspicy sauce” (Hamlet), „Sanctimonious persons' Kabala” (Jean-Jeaque Buton).

Playing inperformances: „Antigona” (Garde Zhona), „The White Guards” (Lariosik), „The New American” (Gurin), „The Old-world Landowners” (Afanasii Ivanovich), Tartuffe (Orgon), „The Duck Hunt” (Sayapin).

For his role ofLariosik inthe performance „The White Guards” (directed byS.Zhenovach) in2004was awarded the theatre award “Seagull” (the nomination “Best comic role“).

Acted insuch films as: “The Sky with Diamonds“, “Border“, “Request Stop“, “Detectives“, “Train romance“, “Russians inthe city ofangels“,"Always say “Always”, „kid inthe milk,” „Kolkhoz Interteyment”, „Theatrical Novel”, „MUR isMUR”,„ Brezhnev”, „The Case ofthe Dead Souls”, „Golden Calf” (2005), “ToHunt anElk“, “Election Day”, „Liquidation” and many others.
Perfomances in our theatre
13D, Hotel Manager
Three Sisters, Ivan Romanych Chebutykin