Oleg Mazurov

Company Members

Guest actors

He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofO.Tabakov) in2002and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre. Heplayed insuch performances as: “The one who receives slaps inthe face“ (Bezano), “Zero“ (Father), “The light taste oftreason“ (Victor), “The sun was shining“ (Stas).

Playing inperformances: “Amadeus“ (Ventichelli), “The White Guards“ (Von Dust, Kirpaty), “White onthe black“, “Representing avictim“ (Second sailor inblack, Sysoev, Cook Vasya), “The Wood“ (Petr), “The Petty Bourgeoises“ (Doctor),“ Oblomov “ (Shtolts), “The Last Victim “ (Vasiliy), “Flying-pass goose”, „Don't part with your beloved” (Kerilashvili),„Sonechka”, „The humpbacked little horse” (Servant ofthe bedroom), „Threepennies Opera” (Mackies friend).

Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov played inperformances: „Sandman” (Valentin), „The Passions ofBumbarash” (Red Army), „Biloxi Blues”.

Acted insuch films as: „Shtrafbat”, „Aide ofLove”, „Yesenin”, „Golden Calf”, „Thirty years”.
Perfomances in our theatre