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Evgeny Miller

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After graduating from the Russian Academy ofTheatre Arts in1999(course ofV.Teplyakov and M.Kaidalova), was adopted inthe troupe ofthe “Globe” Theatre (Novosibirsk).

In2002, for his role ofVasenka inthe enterprise performance “The Elder son“ byA.Vampilov, received Novosibirsk Theatrical Premium “Paradise” („Best Actor inaDrama Performance”).

In2005hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Theatre named after N.Gogol.

OnMarch 1 2007inthe troupe ofthe Moscow Theatre manage byO.Tabakov.

Heacted inthe movie “Sand rain” directed byA.Mokhov (2008).

Playing inthe performances: “The Marriage ofBelugin“ byA.Ostrovsky (Andrei Belugin), “The Adventures“, based onthe poem byN.Gogol “Dead Souls“ (Secretary ofthe Board ofTrustees),“Oversupplied barrelware“ byV.Aksenov (Drozhzhinin), “The Trial“ byF.Kafka (Willem, Investigator, Herr Huld the Lawyer), “Fathers and Sons“ byI.Turgenev (Yevgeny Bazarov), “The Elder son“ byA.Vampilov (Silva).

Roles inthe “Globe“ Theatre (Novosibirsk):
Figaro (“The Marriage ofFigaro“ byP.deBeaumarchais)
Alex (“Players“ byN.Gogol)
Glumov, Gorodulin (“Our Man“)
Lopakhin (“The Cherry Orchard” byA.Chekhov)
Thomas Cromwell („Monarch” byE.Rochelle)
Prince („Lucky beggars” byGozzi)
Phoebus („The Hunchback ofNotre-Dame” byV.Hugo)
Razdvatris („Three Fat Men” byOlesha)
Mowgli („Mowgli” byR.Kipling)
Treplev („The Seagull” byA.Chekhov)
Mouse King („The Nutcracker”)

Roles inthe Moscow Theatre named after N.Gogol:
Calves („Mad Money” byA.Ostrovsky)
Kalmon („Cook-the thief, his wife, twins and green lover” byC.Gozzi)
Egorov, Zander („Roman with cocaine” byM.Ageev)
Jesse Mahoney („What the soldier that this” byB.Brecht)

Television series with Evgeny:
Airport 2 (2006)
“Dad ofall trades” (2006)
“Ostrog. Case ofFyodor Sechenov”(2006)
“Prison isaspecial purpose” (2006)
“Aman without agun” (2008)
“Lace” (2008)
Perfomances in our theatre
The Duel, Von Koren