Distinguished Artist of Russia, Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation

Marina Brusnikina

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Graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1982(course ofO.Efremov). She teaches inthe Moscow Art Theatre School from September 1988. In1985was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre, where she was until 2003. Since 2002working inthe Moscow Art Theatre asdirector and teacher.

She played insuch performances as: “The Seagull“ (Masha), “Echelon“ (Tamara), “Valentin and Valentina“ (Katyusha), „Old New Year” (Luba), „Pearl Zinaida” (Kolya's wife), „Crazy” (Klava), The wedding night or37ofMay (Kuznetsova), “Deer and Shalashovka“ (Bella), “Inthe neighborhood welive“ (Lyubka), “Barbarians“ (Stepa), “Platonov“ (Sofia Yegorovna), “Moscow Choir“ (Laura), “Platonov“ (Sofia), “ACry inthe handful“ (Nina), “Woe from Wit“ (Natalia Dmitrievna), „Boris Godunov” (Ksenia), „The Storm” (Varvara), „Eternity and One More Day” (Kalina's mother and Sophia), „The Rose Tattoo” (Flora), „Professor ofliterature” (Prepolovenskaya) and others.

Acted insuch films as: „The plot for the two stories”, „Perlimplin”, „Chekhov and Co”, Detectives-2.

Award “Crystal Rose ofVictor Rozov“ for the cycle „Evenings ofthe Moscow Art Theatre” oncontemporary prose and poetry performed byyoung actors.
Since 2002, asadirector ofthe Moscow Art Theatre, staged: “Flying-pass goose“ (State Prize ofRussia), “Sonechka“, “The light taste oftreason“, “White onthe black“, “The sun was shining“, “Swift current river“ (Prize “Golden Lyre“), „Tutish”.
Inthe Moscow Theatre named after Pushkin staged „The Gypsies”.
Inthe Moscow Theatre „Satyricon” staged „Ahyes Pushkin!” and „Case”.
Inthe Novosibirsk Theatre „Globus” staged „MyMarusechka”.

Professor. Head ofthe Department ofelocution inthe Moscow Art Theatre School. In2008, with the fourth course (course ofConstantine Raikin) staged “Hamlet”. In2009, received aPrize ofthe People's Artist ofUSSR named after Mikhail Tsarev inthe nomination “For successful education ofactors change”.
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