Artem Panchyk

Company Members

Guest actors

Graduated from the Russian Academy ofTheatre Arts in2004(course ofL.Kheifets) and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre, making his debut inthe performance “Ondine“ (Svinopas).

Played inthe performance “Crime and Punishment“ (Mikolka) directed byE.Nevezhina.

Playing inperformances: “The White Guards“ (Jew), “Hay fever” (Sandy Tyrell), „The humpbacked little horse” (Countrymen, Customer, Fishermen, Fish), „The New American” (Tourist), „Plump woman” (Nun Siamese twin), “The Old-world Landowners“ (Room Boy), “Ondine“ (Second judge).

Played inperformances “Twelfth Night“ (Sebastian) and “Imago. Pigmalionum“ directed byNina Chusova.

Acted insuch films as: „Goddess, orhow Ifell inlove”; „Anna”, „Inthe rhythm oftango”, „Love aslove”.
Perfomances in our theatre
The Karamazovs, Left eye
The Master and Margarita, Hospital Attendants, Audience at the Variety Theatre, Guests at the ball
The humpbacked little horse, Countrymen and Countrywomen, Shop assistants and Customers, Stars and Fish, Fishermen