Distinguished Artist of Russia

Victor Kulukhin

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Guest actors

He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1976(course ofA.Massal'sky). Worked inthe Riga Russian Drama Theatre.

In1978hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.
Played insuch performances as: “Eldorado“ (Anton), “Three Fat Men“ (Heir Tutti), “Valentin and Valentina“ (Pavlik), “The Blue Bird“ (Fire);), “Echelon“ (Yurka), “The Last Ones“ (Peter), “Steelworkers“ (Zhenya), “Tartuffe“ (Damis), “Sowewill win“ (Poor Man), “The Living Corpse“ (Sudeysky), “Stormy Night“ (Spiridon); “The Ball bycandlelight“ (Azazello), “Moscow Choir“ (Policeman), “Old New Year“ (Father-in-law), “Barbarians“ (Dunya's husband), “The Pit“ (Vanka-Vstanka); “Archeology” (Old man); „Ivanov” (Egorushka); „Woe from Wit” (Old man), „Lesson for wives” (Allen), „The Villain, oraDolphin's Cry” (Ataman); „Maximilian Stolpnik” (Grandfather Yegor), „The Beautiful life (La belle vie)” (Commissioner), „Zero” (Citizen), „Tutish” (Shodibek),„The Seagull” (Cook), and others.

Playing inperformances: „Amadeus” (Majordomo), „The White Guards” (Fedor), „The Golovlevs” (Old ILiya), „Kreitser's Sonata” (Merchant, Egor), „Oblomov” (Zakhar), „The Last Victim” (Cloakroom attendant), „Ondine” (Auguste).

Perfomances in our theatre
, actor
Lyoha…, actor
The Duel, Mustafa