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Marina V. Zudina

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She graduated from GITIS in1986(class ofO.Tabakov and A.Leontjev)
She has been atthe Tabakov Theatre since 1987. Her brilliant roles represent her asone ofthe most famous theatrical actresses: “The Lark“ (Agness), “The Roof“ (Sveta), “Two shafts“ (Girl), “The Armchair“ (Tanya), “The River onasphalt“ (Rosin), “The Ordinary story“ (Elizaveta Aleksandrovna), “Bilocksy-blues“ (Rovenna), “North-east“ (Olga), “The Cooperage, overstocked with Goods“ (Silviya), “Sailor's silence“ (Tanya), “The Myth about the Philanderer“ (Elmira), “Mechanical piano“ (Sofia Egorovna), “The Last“ (lubov), “Farewell and applaud!“ (Madlena).
Her film work includes: “Valentin and Valentina“ G.Natanson, “Istill like, Istill hope “ N.Lyrchikov, “The Private affair ofjudge Ivanova” I.Frez, „One fine day, God knows when” M.Juzovsky, „Onthe main street with anorchestra” P.Todorovsky, „Entertainments ofyoung men” E.Gerasimov, „Noble robber Vladimir Dubrovsky” V.Nikiforov, „Life onalimit” A.Rudakov, „The Attractive face” A.Rozumovsky, „Under the polar lights” T.Goto, P.Abukjavichus and S.Vronsky, „Confession ofakept woman” B.Grigorjev, „Todestroy the „Thirtieth”!” V.Dotsenko, „The Gold fog” M.Cherkasova, „The Dumb witness” E.Woller, and also inthe serial „Behind the scenes”.
She plays inperformances ofthe Moscow Art Theatre: „Antigone” (title-role), „The Duck hunting” (Galina).
Oleg Tabakov about Marina Zudina:
Itisdifficult for mytospeak about Marina because last years she inher free from work time acting asmywife and mother ofour son Pavlik. Some years ago she played inthe English thriller „Dumb witness”. She played so, that everything became clear. She turned tobethe actress Marina Zudina, but not just astudent ofOleg Tabakov orhis wife. Itisapity that some roles left and leave. This isanactor's life. Romantic roles towhich Marina has taste and abilities left, but there came other roles, new opportunities appeared. Itseems tome, Marina has entered agood phase ofthe profession.
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