Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Igor Vernik

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He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1984(course ofI.Tarkhanov). In1986was accepted into the troupe ofthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. Played insuch performances as: “Tartuffe“ byJ.-B.Moliere (Damis), “The Portrait“ byN.Gogol (Psychiatrist), “Barbarians“ byM.Gorky (Drobyazgin), “Ivanov“ byA.Chekhov (Borkin), “Mrs. Warren's Profession“ byB.Shaw (Frank), “The most important“ byN.Yevreinov (Director), “Sanctimonious persons' Kabala“ byMikhail Bulgakov (The Marquis deLessak). Currently busy inperformances: “King Lear” byW.Shakespeare (Goneril), „The New American” byA.Mariamov and S.Dovlatov (Baskin), „Primadonnas” byK.Ludwig (Duncan), „Retro” byGalin (Leonid), „The Rose Tattoo” byT.Williams (Jack Hunter), „Ondine” byJ.Giraudoux (The Chambellain), „Lady from the Sea” byH.Ibsen (Lyngstrand).

Works ontelevision, acted insuch films as: „The Master and Margarita” directed byY.Kara (1994), “Heads and Tails” directed byG.Danelia (1995), “The Elevator” directed byV.Plotkin (2006), 12 directed byN.Mikhalkov (2007), etc.

Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov plays Inspector and Titorelli inthe performance “The Trial” byF.Kafka.
Perfomances in our theatre
13D, Richard Willy
The Flight, Paramon Korzukhin