Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation

Avangard Leontyev

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He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1968(course ofA.Massal'sky) and was admitted tothe troupe ofthe Moscow Sovremennik Theatre, managed byOleg Efremov.
Played: Alyoshka (“The Lower Depths“), Albert ( “From evening until noon“), Misha (“Eternally Alive“), Balalajkin and Prudentov (“Balalajkin and Co“), Jester ( “Twelfth Night“), Sukhon'ky (“And inthe morning they woke up“), Bobchinsky („The Government Inspector”), Tollya and Piero („Apartment ofColumbine”), Gaev („The Cherry Orchard”), Misha („Weare going, going, going?”), Retrograde devil („Karamazov's and Hell”), Alfred Doolittle („Pygmalion”), etc.

In2004, accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre. Played Cleante in“Tartuffe“. Playing inperformances: “The Last Victim”(Dergachev), „The Wood”( Arkadii Schastlivtsev), 13( Richard Willy).

Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov played the title role inthe performance “Crazy Jourdain. Moleriana”, which in1987opened the theatre. Heplayed Chichikov inthe performance “Number hotel inthe city NN” (directed byV.Fokin, the State Prize ofRussia for 1994; Prize ofthe International Theatre Festival Contact-95, Torun, Poland) inthe Center named after V.Meyerhold; Shuyskiy in“Boris Godunov“ directed byD.Donnellan, Arnolfo inthe performance ofthe Checkhov Moscow Art Theatre “The lesson for wives“ (directed byM.Efremov), Ludovico Nota inthe “Naked Dress“ (directed byR.Kozak, Moscow Theatre named after A.Pushkin), Bartolo inthe “LeFigaro.The events ofone day “( directed byK.Serebrennikov, Yevgeny Mironov Theatre Company).

Acted insuch films as: “Burnt bythe Sun“ (directed byMikhalkov), “Afew days inthe life ofI.I.Oblomov“ (directed byMikhalkov), “Funny People“ (directed byM.Schweitzer), “Little Tragedies ”(directed byM.Schweitzer), „The Government Inspector” (directed byS.Gazarov), „The Fifth Corner ” (directed byS.Gazarov), „Gragdanin nachalnik” (directed byN.Dostal), „The Mystery ofEdwin Drude” ( directed byA.Orlov), „Dombey and Son” (directed byG.Volchek, Fokin), „Number hotel inthe city NN” (directed byV.Fokin), „Russian Game” (directed byP.Chuhray), etc.

In1987, together with O.Tabakov staged “Crazy Jourdain. Moleriana“ inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov. Ibid staged „Prischuchil” (revised in1991with E.Mironov, M.Zudina, A.Zolotnitsky, A.Mohov). For students ofthe Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofO.Tabakov) in1989staged the diploma performance “Proposals“ byA.Chekhov and V.Sollogub, which was adopted inthe repertory ofthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. Asassistant director heworked with N.Mikhalkov onthe ballet „Mechanical Piano” (Teatro Argentina, Rome, 1987) and A.Konchalovsky onthe performance “The Seagull”(Theatre del' Odeon Theatre ofEurope, Paris, 1988-1989).

Since 1976, inthe Russian Academy ofTheatre Arts and 1985inthe Moscow Art Theatre School hehas taught onthe courses managed byOleg Tabakov, forming the core ofthe Moscow Theatre troupe led byOleg Tabakov. Among the students: E.Majorova, I.Nefedov, A.Seliverstov, M.Zudina, S.Gazarov, S.Belyaev, A.Marin, V.Mashkov, E.Mironov, A.Mokhov, A.Serebryakov, A.Smolyakov, N.Timokhina, M.Khomjakov.

From 1989to2001directed the acting class inthe Moscow Art Theatre School, preparing three issues. Among the students: A.Khovansky (Moscow Sovremennik Theatre), D.Sukhanov, S.Klimov, E.Timchenko (Theatre “Satyricon“), S.Karjakin, I.Karev (Moscow Theatre named after N.Gogol); S. Anpilogov, E.Medvedev (Moscow Theatre managed byA.Dzhigarkhanyan), I.Belyaev, A.Burkhanova (Moscow Theatre named after M.Yermolova), N.Zhitkova, A.Kondakov (Theatre „Etcetera”); Efimov (Malaya Bronnaya Theatre); O.Sudzilovskaya (Moscow Theatre named after V.Mayakovsky); D.Feklenko, D.Shcherbina (State Theatre named after Mossovet), S.Shnyrev, Y.Kolesnichenko (Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre), V.Davydenko (Nikitsky Gate Theatre) K.Gromov (New Drama Theatre), A.Anisimov, A.Dadonov, R.Smolin (Moscow Theatre named after A.Pushkin), A.Zavorotnyuk, I.Petrov, M.Salakova ( Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov); inthe entreprise, movies, television shows operate: M.Govorova, I.Denisov, M.Drozd, A.Zuev, N.Kovaleva, K.Kuznetsova, N.Lukeicheva, E.Pazenko, D.Petukhov, I.Smirnov.

Professor (1998).

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The Forest, Schastlivtsev
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