Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Evgeniya Dobrovol'skaya

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Graduated from the Russian Academy ofTheatre Arts in1987(course ofL.Kasatkina and S.Kolosov), and was admitted tothe Moscow Art Theatre named after M.Gorky.

From 1989to1990 actress ofthe Moscow Theatre manage byO.Tabakov and Moscow Sovremennik Theatre-2.
Since 1991she isworking inthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Played insuch performances as: “Women's Games“ (Milena), “The Seagull“ (Nina Zarechnaya), “Sanctimonious persons' Kabala“ (Armande Bejart deMoliere), “Lesson for wives“ (Agnes), “Lesson for husbands“ (Isabella), “Boris Godunov“ ( Marina Mnishek), “The Villain, orDolphin's cry“ (Katya), “Woe from Wit“ (Sophia, Lisa), “The Ghosts“ (Regina Engstrand), “Misha's anniversary“ (Lida), “Amadeus“ (Constanze Weber), “The Piemonte Beast“ (Sister Joanna), “The Sacred Flame“ (Nurse Wayland), “Alittle bit oftenderness“ (Diana), “U“ (Sister), “The Seagull“ (Arkadina, Masha).

Among the current works: „The Golovlevs” (Anninka), „Make-up room” (Actress C), „The Wood” (Ulita), „The Petty Bourgeoises” (Elena Krivtsov).

Acted insuch films as: „Moonzund”, „Contract ofthe Century” and „Queen Margot” directed byAMuratov, „Cage for Canaries” directed byP.Chukhrai, „The crisis ofmiddle age” directed byG.Sukachev, „Male zigzag” directed byY.Rogozin, „OnYou Itrust” directed byE.Tsyplakova, „The first floor” directed byI.Minaev, „Terrorist” directed byS.Razdorsky, „Suspicion” directed byV.Sorokin, „Mechanical suite” directed byD.Meskhiev, „Actress” directed byS.Govorukhin and many others.

Winner ofinternational film festivals inthe city ofKoszalin (Poland, 1985) and “The stars oftomorrow”, Geneva (1990), all-Russia film awards “Golden Aries” (2002), “Nicka” (2002), “Golden Eagle” (2007), etc.
Perfomances in our theatre
Space, actor
The Forest, Ulita