Distinguished Artist of Russia

Julia Chebakova

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Guest actors

Graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1999(course ofO.Efremov), and was admitted tothe troupe.

Played insuch performances as: “ And the light isshining from the dark“ (Governess), “Juliet and her Romeo“ (Senhora Capulet), “Women's kingdom“ (Spiridonova), “Forest Song“ (Mother Lucasha), “The Venetian antiquary“ (Doraliche), “Beatles girlfriends“ (Sadie), “ The Piemonte Beast“ (Sister Maria), „Eternity and One More Day” (Anastasia), „The most important” (The performer ofPoppea's role), „The Terrorism”, „ Sanctimonious persons' Kabala” (Mariett Rivalle), „The light taste oftreason” (K.), „The sun was shining” (Irina), „Tutish”.

Currently on stage ofthe Moscow Art Theatre she plays inperformances: 13 (Pamela) directed byV.Mashkov, “The Golovlevs“ (Evprakseushka), “Representing avictim“ (Praporshik Luda), “The Petty Bourgeoises“ (Tsvetaeva), “Threepennies Opera“ (Mackie's girlffriend) directed byK.Serebrennikov, “The New American“ (Lebedeva) directed byP.Stein, “Flying-pass goose“, “White onthe black“, „Swift current river” (Sima), „Sonechka” directed byM.Brusnikina; „Ondine” (Mermaid and Court dame) directed byN.Skoryk.

Inthe Theatre „Practice” she played inthe performance „Shaken Tatiana”. Inthe Theatre „Center ofDrama and Directing” manage byA.Kazantsev and M.Roschina play Masha in ballet „Transfer”.

Acted insuch films as: Kamenskaja-2 directed byY.Moroz, “Detectives” directed byD.Brusnikin, The march ofthe Turkish-2 directed byM.Tumanishvili, “Other“, „All you need islove”.
Perfomances in our theatre
The Helpline, Ksenia Ivanovna
The Overcoat, Idea of the overcoat
The humpbacked little horse, Pike, Countrymen and Countrywomen, Shop assistants and Customers, Stars and Fish