Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Raisa Maksimova

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Guest actors

Graduated from the Saratov Theatre School, and debuted onthe stage ofthe Saratov Young Generation Theatre. In1956she graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofP.Massal'sky) and was admitted tothe troupe.

She made her debut inthe role ofAStranger ( “Nameless Star“). Played insuch performances as: “The Blue Bird“ (Fairy), “The Lower Depths“ (Natasha, Nastya), “The Last Ones“ (Hope), “Old New Year“ (Klava Poluorlova), “ Pearl Zinaida“ (Grandma Maroussia), “The Duck Hunt“(Valeria, Vera), „Carter Henschel” (Mrs. Henschel), „Barbarians” (Bogaevskaya), „Three Sisters” (Irina, Olga), „Tartuffe” (Madame Pernelle), „Mrs. Warren's Profession” (Mrs. Warren), „Sanctimonious persons' Kabala” (Rene).

Playing inperformances: „Twelve pictures from the life ofartist” (Grandmother), CatandMouse (Paula), “The Wood“ (Bodaeva), “Alittle bit oftenderness“ (Nanda), “The New American“ (Waitress), “Retro“ (Nina Ivanovna Voronkova), „The Rose Tattoo” (The Strega),„Ondine” (Eugenie).

Acted insuch films as: „Idiot” directed byI.Pyrev, „Widows” directed byS.Mikaelian