Yury Chursin

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He graduated from the Theatre School named after B.Shchukin in2001(course ofY.Shlykov) and was accepted into the troupe ofthe State Theatre named after E.Vakhtangov, where heplayed insuch performances as: “Night ofthe Iguana“ byT.Williams (Pancho), “King-Deer“ byK.Gozzi (Leandro), “For Two Hares“ byM.Staritsky (Policeman), „King Lear” byW.Shakespeare (Edgar), „Othello” byW.Shakespeare (Rodrigo), „Inspector” byN.Gogol (Lyapkin-Tyapkin), etc.

In2005hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre. Hedebuted onstage ofthe Moscow Art Theatre inthe performance “The Wood“ (Bulanov) byA.Ostrovsky.
Apart Bulanov, heplays Leo (“Primadonnas“), Petenka (“The Golovlevs“), Ariel (“The Pillowman“), Jingle (“The Pickwick Club“), Treplev („The Seagull”).

Inthe Moscow Theatre named after A.Pushkin heplayed inthe performance „Some overt polaroid images” (Victor) byM.Ravenhill.

Inthe Moscow Theatre manage byO.Tabakov heplays inperformances „Idiot” (Ivolgin) byF.Dostoevsky and „The Elder Son” (Busygin) byA.Vampilov.

Youth Award winner „Triumph” (2005). Theatre Prize ofthe newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” for season 2004-2005(beginners) Best Actor (Bulanov, “The Wood“). Winner ofthe festival „Vivat, Russia movies!” (2005) for Best Male Performer inthe role ofserials (“Hiromant”). In2006was awarded together with Dmitry Dyuzhev the Theatre Award “Seagull“ for best acting duo inthe performance “Primadonnas“ ofthe Moscow Art Theatre. For his work in“The Pillowman“,together with the other creators ofthe performance, was awarded the Theatre Award „Seagull” (2007) inthe category “Best Acting Ensemble Award” and Prize ofthe Charitable Foundation named after Oleg Tabakov „For the ability toopen new possibilities ofacting inthe knowledge ofbizarre twists and turns ofthe human psyche”(2008).

Acted insuch films as: “Failure ofPoirot” directed byS.Ursulyak (2002) and “Representing avictim” directed byK.Serebrennikov (2006).
Perfomances in our theatre
The Forest, Bulanov