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Vladimir Timofeev

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He graduated from the Theatre School named after M.Schepkin in1989(course ofV.Safronov).

In1991hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre., played insuch performances as: “Woe from Wit“ (Gorich), “Boris Godunov“ (Shchelkalov), “Maximilian Stolpnik“ (Sukharev), “Crime and Punishment“ (Svidrigailov), “Married Life“ (Johan), “The Beautiful life (La belle vie)“ (Witty fellow), “The Masquerade“ (Doctor), “Zero“ (Vatslav Gavel), “The most important“ (The performer ofLukanius's role), “The violin and alittle bit nervously“ (Secretary), “Professor ofliterature“ (Doctor), “Crime and Punishment“ (House-painter),“The Terrorism“, “Last summer day” (Yurik).

Playing inperformances: „The White Guards” (Bolbotun), „The Cherry Orchard” (Passer-by), „Plump woman” (M.Loiseau), „Ondine” (Mermaid's king), “Nest ofthe Nobility” (Gedeonovsky).

Acted insuch films as: „All Costs Paid” directed byA.Saltykov, „Gongofer” directed byB.Kilibaev, „Black Clown” directed byB.Galkin, „The closest circle” directed byA.Konchalovsky, „Border” directed byA.Mitta, „Ghost ofthe Theatre” directed byK.Khudyakov, „Drugstore Cartel” directed byM.Tumanishvili, „The Great adventurers” directed byA.Chernykh, „The case ofDr.Lekrinym” directed byS.Yursky.
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