Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation

Nina Gulyaeva

Company Members

Guest actors

She graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1954(course ofS.Blinnikov and G.Gerasimov) and was admitted tothe troupe.

Played insuch performances as: “Platon Krechet“ (Mike), “The Blue Bird“ (Mytilene), “Three Fat Men“ (Suok), “Yegor Bulychov and others“ (Shura), “Dulcinea del Toboso“ (Sanchica), “Deadline“ (The old Anna), “Duck Hunt“ (Valeria), “Silver Wedding“ (Ustinya Karpovna), “The Seagull“ (Polina Andreevna), “Tartuffe ” (Dorine), „Woe from Wit” (Countess-grandmother), „The Marriage” (Arina Panteleimonovna), „Uncle Vanya” (Marina), „And the light isshining from the dark” (Princess (Knyaginya) Cheremshanova), „Tutish” (Khaphiza) and many others.

Playing Erji Orban inthe performance „Cat-and-Mouse” directed byY.Eremin and Marfa Pestova inthe “Nest ofthe Nobility” directed byM.Brusnikina.

Acted insuch films as: „Only three nights” directed byG.Egiazarov, „Inthe quiet ofthe steppe” directed byS.Kazakov, „Your Contemporary” directed byY.Raizman.