Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation

Olga Yakovleva

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She graduated from the Theatre School named after B.Shchukin and was admitted tothe troupe ofthe Moscow State Theatre named after Lenin's Komsomol.

In1964A.Efros became the chief director ofthe Moscow State Theatre named after Lenin's Komsomol, and from that moment the fate ofactress isinextricably linked with him.
InLenkom she played inhis performances: “One hundred and four pages about love“ (Natasha), “Just afew words inhonor ofMonsieur deMoliere“ (Armande), “The Seagull” (Nina), „Three Sisters” (Irina), „MyPoor Marat” (Lika).

In1967, together with A.Efros, Yakovleva moved toMalaya Bronnaya Theatre. There she played insuch performances as: “Three Sisters“ (Masha), “The Marriage“ (Agafia Tikhonovna), “Month inthe Country“ (Natalya Petrovna), “Summer and Smoke“ (Alma), “Mybrother Alyosha“ (Lise), “Romeo and Juliet” (Juliet), „Verandah inthe forest”, „Director ofthe Theatre”, „Napoleon the First” (Josephine), „Othello” (Desdemona), „The Road” (Korobochka).

In1982, together with A.Efros, Yakovleva moved toMoscow Taganka Theatre. Played inhis performances: “Misanthrope“ (Selim), „The Lower Depths” (Anastasia).

In1987died A.Efros. Yakovleva went toParis.

The actress returned toMoscow in1991. Onthe invitation ofA.Goncharov she came tothe Moscow Theatre named after V.Mayakovsky, where she played inperformances: “Napoleon the First“ (Josephine), “Inthe Bar ofaTokyo Hotel“ (Miriam).
Now playing atthe Moscow Theatre named after V.Mayakovsky inthe performance “The Ride Down Mt.Morgan” (Theodore Felten).

Inthe Moscow theatre „School ofModern Drama” playing inthe performance „Without Mirrors” (Anna).

Since 2004 actress ofthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. She played Madeleine Bejart in“Sanctimonious persons' Kabala” (2001). Playing inperformances: “Cat-and-Mouse“ (Giza), “Alittle bit oftenderness“ (Noemi), “Hay Fever“ (Judith Bliss).
Acted insuch films as: “Tanya“ and “Just afew words inhonor ofMonsieur deMoliere” directed byA.Efros, „Responsible for Everything” directed byG.Natanson, „The Golden Fleece” directed byS.Samsonov, „Slope: Zero” directed byA.Stolper.

Laureate ofthe Theatre Award „Golden Mask”.

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