Svetlana Kolpakova

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She graduated from the Theatre School named after B.Shchukin (course ofM.Borisov) in2005and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Checkhov Moscow Art Theatre. She made her debut inthe play “Swift current river“ (Kluchareva).

Playing inperformances: “The white rabbit (Harvey)“ (Myrtle), “Twelve pictures from the life ofartist“ (Night guard), “Oblomov“ (Olga Sergeevna Ilyinskaya), “Primadonnas“ (Audrey), “Don't part with your beloved“ (Kerilashvili), “Tartuffe” (Nun), „Ondine” ( Mermaid, Court dama), „The humpbacked little horse” (Ordinary girl, Mare, Tsarl Maiden), „The Pickwick Club” (Mary), „The river with fast current” (Klyuchareva).

Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov she played Hope inthe performance „The Last Ones”. Now playing Makarskaya inthe performance „The eldest son”.
Perfomances in our theatre
13D, Piona
Merry Times, Ninochka
Stoics, actor
The Karamazovs, Father Feofan
The humpbacked little horse, Ordinary girl, Mare, Tsarl Maiden, Countrymen and Countrywomen, Shop assistants and Customers, Stars and Fish