Dmitry Kulichkov

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Guest actors

In 2001hegraduated from the Theatre department ofthe Saratov Conservatory (course ofA.Galko). While studying atthe Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofE.Kamenkovich) worked with such directors asKama Ginkas, Henrietta Yanovskaya, Adolf Shapiro has been busy inthe performance ofthe Moscow Young Generation Theatre “ATaste ofHoney” directed bySh.Dileni (Peter).

Since 2004, the artist ofthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov. The first role onthat stage prisoner Menchov inthe “Resurrection. Super“ byPresnyakov brothers and demon inthe “Soldiers“ byV.Zherebtsov. Now busy inperformances: “Story ofSeven Who Were Hanged “ byL.Andreev (Tsyganok), “The Adventures“, based onthe poem byN.Gogol “Dead Souls“ (Nozdrev), “The story ofahappy Moscow“ byAndrei Platonov (Surgeon Sambikin).

Roles inthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre:
Lawyer (“Zero“ byP.Kohout)
Shtolts (“Oblomov” byI.Goncharov)
The roomer („The violin and alittle bit nervously” byS.Savina)
Studsinsky („The White Guards” byM.Bulgakov)
Trofimov Peter („The Cherry Orchard” byA.Chekhov)
Regan („King Lear” byW.Shakespeare)
Konev, Fedya and Baran („The sun was shining” byA.Kurchatkin)
Andrei Guskov („Live and Remember” byV.Rasputin).

Films with Dmitry:
„OnUpper Maslovka Street” directed byK.Khudyakov (2005)
“Hard-Hearted” directed byA.Mizgirev (2007)
“Happy journey!” directed byA.Barshak (2008)
“Moscow. Voices ofelusive truths” directed byE.Palmov (2008)
“Tambourine, Drum” directed byA.Mizgirev (2009)

Series with Dmitry:
“Shukshin's Stories” (2002)
“Ivan the Terrible” (2009)
Perfomances in our theatre
Three Sisters, Alexander Vershinin