Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Sergey V. Belyaev

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He graduated from GITIS in1986(class ofO.Tabakov) and inthe same year was invited tothe Moscow Tabakov Theatre. Hehas remarkable musical abilities. Inthe beginning of90th years became the winner of“The Songs ofYear“ for the song „Entertainment” written onSergey Esenina's verses, known due tothe byAlexander Malinin's performance. Sergey has played atthe Moscow Art Theatre (13) since 2001.

Oleg Tabakov about Sergey Belyaev:
Sergey isfrom old-timer. Hehas taken astrong place inour cellar. Hehas master's, quivering attitude towards roles. Heisone ofactors, which are ready topay for the right toplay. All the best isinhis future. Heshould pass aboundary ofwhat iscalled “success“. The successful role colors alife ofanactor, colors other roles. But itisalready behind: Imean Sergey's excellent work inperformance „Art”. Sergey, therewith, the true and trouble-free colleague: many times hehelped and helps the Theatre. Hecomposes music, and aseverything, that hedoes, hedoes this without impudence ofthe neophyte. Inour country where all has undergone inflations, heisstrict tohimself. And today itisthe most important.
Perfomances in our theatre
13D, Hotel Manager
The Helpline, Sergey Sergeevich
The House, Fourth friend