Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Evgeniy Kindinov

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Artist ofthe Checkhov Moscow Art Theatre. Professor ofthe All-Russian State University ofCinematography named after S.A.Gerasimov.

Hegraduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School ofthe studio in1967(course ofB.Monyukov) and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Immediately hewas introduced tothe role ofWasska Pepel ( “The Lower Depths“) and Sailor ( “The Kremlin Chimes“). Heplayed Valentin (“Valentin and Valentina“), Alexei Shorin (“Steelworkers“), (Ivanov), Medvedenko (“The Seagull“), Master (“The Ball bycandlelight“), Repetilov (“Woe from Wit “), Afanasy Pushkin (“Boris Godunov“), Dikoy („The Storm”), Valeriy ( „Misha's anniversary”), Jacob Engstrand ( „The Ghosts”), Apollon („The violin and alittle bit nervously”), and others.

Now playing inperformances: „Antigona” (Choeur), „The New American” (Tsurikov), „Christmas Dreams” (Igor).

Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov played therole ofMayer-Kvassi inthe performance „Synchron” byT.Hyurliman (2003) and Jacob Bardin inthe “The Last Ones“ byM.Gorky. Now playing Krutitsky inthe performance “Enough Stupidity inEvery Wise Man“ byA.Ostrovsky.

Acted insuch films as: “Romance about Lovers“, “Urban Romance“, „Gold mine”, „Taiga story”, „The Adventures ofPrince Florizel”, „Citizen Nikanorova expect You ” and many others.
Perfomances in our theatre