Distinguished Artist of Russia

Sergei Chonishvili

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Sergei graduated from the Shchukin Theatre Institute in1986and that
same year joined the company ofthe Lenkom Theatre.

Hehas performed numerous roles inproductions byMark Zakharov,
including Stutterer inAlexei Rybnikov's “The Star and Death of
Joaquin Murrieta“; Head Guide inVsevolod Vishnevsky's “AnOptimistic
Tragedy“; Naum inGrigory Gorin's “AFuneral Prayer“; Gosha inMikhail
Shatrov's “The Dictatorship ofConscience“; Nikita inAlexei Arbuzov's
“Cruel Games“; First Writer inAlexei Rybnikov's “Junona and Avos“;
Henry Norris inGorin's “Kings' Games“; Gorodulin, Golutvin and
Kurchaev inAlexander Ostrovsky's “The Wiseman“; Nozdrev in
“Mystification,“ Nina Sadur's adaptation ofNikolai Gogol's “Dead
Souls“; Bartolo inBeaumarchais's “The Wedding ofFigaro“; DeGrier in
“Barbarian and Heretic,“ after Fyodor Dostoevsky; Salai Saltanovich in
“Va-Bank,“ after Alexander Ostrovsky; Kochkaryov inGogol's “The
Wedding“ Healso performed Guildenstern inGleb Panfilov's prodution
of“Hamlet” and Islaev inVladimir Mirzoev's production of„Two
Women,” based onIvan Turgenev's „AMonth inthe Country.”

Hehas performed innumerous independent theatre projects and in
numerous films for cinema and television. His voice isone ofthe most
popular narrative voices inRussia.

Some ofhis films include: Alexander Basov's „The Psycho and Small
Pickin's”; Alexander Adabashyan's „Azazello”; Alexei Kozlov's „Midday
Demon”; Anatoly Mateshko's „Specially Appointed Girlfriend” and
„Nuthouse”; Konstantin Khudyakov's „The Man from Leningrad”; Marina
Migunova's „Lovers”; Pyotr Stepin's „The Unreturnable Man”; Natalya
Bronshtein's „Bet”; Anna Chernyakova's „ASeason ofFog”; Yevgeny
Zvezdakov's „Cheesecake”; Oleg Ryaskov's „The Notes ofanClerk ina
Secret Office” and many others.

Hehas written several books.

Hewas chosen the winner ofanInnokenty Smoktunovsky award and has
twice won the Chaika theatre award.

HeisaMerited Artist ofRussia.
Perfomances in our theatre
Husbands and Wives, Paul and Michael
The Forest, Neschastlivtsev