Distinguished Artist of Russia

Galina Kindinova

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Guest actors

She graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1967(course ofB.Monyukov) and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theater.

Played insuch performances as: “The Blue Bird“ (Milk, Light, Fairy), “Valentin and Valentina“ (Katyusha), “Yevgeny Bazarov“ (Odintsova), “Moscow choir“ (Era), “Crime and Punishment “ (Mother ofRaskolnikov) “Misha's anniversary” (Natasha), „The Sacred Flame” (Alice).

Now playing Tereza Salieri („Amadeus”), Euridice („Antigona”), Actress A(„Make-up room”), and Milonova and Bodaeva („The Wood”).
Perfomances in our theatre
The Forest, Milonova