Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Stanislav Lubshin

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He graduated from the Theatre School named after M.Schepkin in1959.

Hemade his debut inthe Moscow Sovremennik Theatre inthe performance “Five Evenings“ (Slava). Among his roles inMoscow Theatres: Henry and Christian (“The Naked King”), Capercaillie („Two colors”) Moscow Sovremennik Theatre; Carpenter (“The Good Person ofSezuan“), Author ( „AHero ofOur Time”) Taganka Theatre; Shamanov ( “Last summer, inChulimsk”) Moscow Theatre named after M.Yermolova. Inthe Malaya Bronnaya Theatre played inthe performances directed byA.Efros “Veranda inthe Forest“ (Pakhomov), „The End ofDon Juan” (Sganarelle and Leporello).

In1980hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre. Played insuch performances as: Tartuffe (Tartuffe), “Ghosts Among Us“ (Keisuke Fukugava), “Track“ (Piromov), “Ekvus “(Martin Dayzert), “Ivanov“ (Ivanov), “The Cherry Orchard“ (Gaev), “Possible meeting“ (Schmidt), “Boris Godunov“ (God's Fool), “Misha's anniversary“ (Misha), “Cyrano deBergerac“ (Count deGish), “The one who receives slaps inthe face“ (Count Mancini), “U“(Barsukov), “The Artist Descending aStaircase“ (Beauchamp), etc.
Now busy inthe performance “Alittle bit oftenderness“ (Nenil).

Acted insuch films as: “The Sword and Shield“ directed byV.Basov, “IamTwenty
(Zastava Ilijcha)” directed byM.Khutsiev, „Subject” directed byG.Panfilov, „Five Evenings” directed byN.Mikhalkov, „Red Square” directed byV.Ordynsky, „Alpine Ballad” directed byB.Stepanov,"My Life „byG.Nikulin and V.Sokolov, „Donot shoot atwhite swans” directed byR.Nahapetov, „Steppe” directed byS.Bondarchuk, „Smoke” directed byA.Shahmaliev,” „Tsar Ivan the Terrible” directed byT.Vasil'ev, „See Paris and die” directed byA.Proshkin, „The Eternal Husband” directed byE.Markowsky, „Monologue” directed byI.Averbakh, „Woman inthe sea” directed byV.Krishtofovich, „Black Monk” directed byI.Dykhovichnyi, Kin-DzaDza directed byG.Danelia, etc.

Awarded with the IVdegree ofMerit for the Fatherland.
Perfomances in our theatre
Mephisto, Professor