Nikolay Salnikov

Company Members

Guest actors

He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofI.Zolotovitsky) in2010and was accepted into Trainee group ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.
Asastudent, made his debut atthe Moscow Art Theatre inthe performance “Don't part with your beloved” byAlexander Volodin (directed byV.Rizhakov).
Perfomances in our theatre
Dear Treasure, Maurice Toulouse
Merry Times, Count Alexis Rakonin, Comissar Razinin, Gaston, Restaurant Owner, Lady at the Soviet Embassy
Seryozha, actor
The Drunks, Gabriel
The House, Mikhail
The Master and Margarita, Baron Maigel, Audience at the Variety Theatre, Guests at the ball
The humpbacked little horse, Fishermen, Countrymen and Countrywomen, Shop assistants and Customers, Stars and Fish, Sheat-fish