Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Mikhail Porechenkov

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Guest actors

Graduated the Leningrad State Institute for Theatre, Music and Cinema in1996(course ofV.Filshtinsky).

Upon graduation heworked inthe Theatre “Onthe Kryukov Canal“. Then hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe State Theatre named after Lensovet, where heplayed insuch performances as: “Woyzeck“ (Captain), “Waiting for Godot“ (Pozzo), “King, Queen, Jack“(France), “Caligula“ (Helicon), „Brer Rabbit onthe Wild West” (Brer Turtle, Indian), „The Bug” (Prisypkin), „Phantom Lady” (Cosme), „Tarelkin's Death” (Raspluev).

Heplayed Cyrano inthe performance „Cyrano. Scenes from Rostand” ofthe Independent Theatre project.

Onthe stage ofthe Moscow Art Theatre debuted in2002inthe performance “The Duck Hunt” (Waiter).

In2003hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.
Inaddition to“The Duck Hunt“, playing inperformances of“The White Guards“ (Mishlaevsky), “Hamlet“ (Polonius), and “Kreitser's Sonata“ (Pozdnishev).

Acted insuch films as: “Next tothe time“, “The Wheel ofLove“, “Kiss!“, “Peculiarities ofnational policy“, “Mechanical Suite”, „Agent ofNational Security”, „Lines ofDestiny”, „The Other Side ofWolves ”,„Against the Stream”, „Lethal force”, „Big Love”, „The Storm Gate”, „Soldier's Decameron”, The 9th Company, “Connection“,„ Liquidation ”, „1612”, “AReal Dad“, “D-Day”, etc.

Laureate ofthe „Constellation” Prize and Award named after V.Strzhelchik.
Perfomances in our theatre
The Flight, Gregory Charnota, Barabanchikova