based onAnna Karenina byLeo Tolstoy

Opening night: October 9, 2018
Running time: 2 h 45 m, with one intermission
Ticket price range: 150012500 rub.
Dmitry Krymov: "Once myfather, Anatoly Efros, having put the famous production ofMonth inthe Country, wanted topreface itwith the verses ofBoris Pasternak:
IfIwas able, Iwould write,
I'd try tofashion
The eight oflines, the eight ofrhymes
Onlaws ofpassion,
(Translation byNatasha Gotskaya)

Inna Solovyova, having learned that Masha Smolnikova plays Anna Karenina, after creating arole inMu-Mu, thought for asecond and said: „Igot it: both perish because oflove“ InMu-Mu Masha isplaying afunny eight-year-old girl, sadly deceased before our eyes inthe midst ofher love oftheatre and her love oflife.

Wewanted tomake Anna Karenina asanother Bunins“sunny strike” fast, gentle and horrific. Our production ofSeryozhathough isnot Anna Karenina. Itisbased onthe great novel, Iwould even say, onthe distant motives ofthe novel. There will benoLevin, noKitty, noSteve Oblonsky, nohaymaking, kvass drinking,and sweaty shirts, nojuicy sterlets,and oysters inthe restaurant. You will not see the terrific scene ofKarenin visiting the lawyer and maybe experiencing humiliation for the first time inhis life. There will benoracing, nofall ofVronsky and death ofFrou-Frou, and, generally speaking, there will benotrain just alittle toy. Inaword, itwill all beTolstoy alike, but smaller and shorter. Like aFragment ofit. And Seryozha isthe son ofAnna Karenina, aboy, who isalso eight years old, and standing inthe center ofthis “sun strike” when everything ismessed upnot only inthe House ofOblonsky, but overall.

Atthe heart ofthe production isAnna Karenina, the novel byLeo Tolstoy, aswell asThe Life and Destiny by Vasily Grossman, and The Questions byLeo Rubinstein written especially for this production.

Set Design
Maria Tregubova
Puppet Design
Victor Platonov
Lighting Design
Ivan Vinogradov
Video Design
Ilya Starilov
Kuzma Bodrov
Oleg Glushkov
Ballet Mistress
Natalia Shurganova
Vasiliy Stepanov
Mikhail Tsitelashvili
Puppet Coach
Maxim Kustov
ass. director
Elena Kondratyeva